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Introducing our new FoodDock mobile app! Get it now!

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Thank you, FoodDock! The right place at the right time!

FoodDock does a great job of making people more aware of the farms in their community. Farms bridge the gap between a consumer and the food they eat. So, I think buying your food from local farms and knowing how your food is being grown are important to your health. In addition, shopping at local farms is an investment in your local economy because you’re not just buying food, you're also employing people in your community. Thanks, FoodDock for bringing together people and their local farmers and cultivating the relationships between them. It’s really a win-win!

Sena, Shundahai Farm

Finding nutritious food is easier than ever!

Eating healthy is one of my top priorities. I live in New England, am vegetarian and love to cook, so I’m constantly looking for new and better ways to order fresh food. With its user-friendly website and reviews by real people, FoodDock has introduced me to some great farms near me. I don’t need to spend a lot of time Googling individual farms anymore. Finding fresh, nutritious food is so much easier now. Even though I’m very picky about what I eat, I always find the right farm for me and my diet.


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