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Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we’re still operational across the US. While your safety and health is our priority, businesses establish their own policies and are responsible for their own liabilities.

For more information on COVID-19 and food safety, please visit the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) FAQ page here.


We are a new start-up bringing farms, ranches, dairies, fisheries and farmers’ markets and consumers in their communities together on a local level.

For more information, visit About Us.


FoodDock aims to be the go-to online resource for anyone looking for fresh, healthy, nutritious, locally-sourced food and for farmers hoping to maximize their businesses’ value.


It’s FoodDock’s mission to not only provide everyone with access to fresh and healthy food, but also with the opportunity to be a part of their community by connecting consumers with their local farmers through a consumer-centric online directory.

The FoodDock directory lists family farms, fisheries, farmers’ markets,diaries, ranches featuring locally produced food. Consumers can use the directory to find food producers local to their area, while farms and businesses can create and maintain their own listing on FoodDock. To create a listing for your business, click here: List Your Business

We offer:
- A monthly newsletter
- Informative blogs, featuring recipes and food related news

We are excited to announce these upcoming features of FoodDock, available in the coming months:
- Subscription boxes
- Option for consumers to directly add seasonal farm products to their carts
- Direct communication between businesses and consumers

You can find FoodDock’s detailed privacy policy here: Privacy

For all your questions and feedback, get in touch with us here: Contact Us


Because we care about you, your health, the environment and creating a sustainable planet. We are here to bring the freshest foods to your table.

Consumers can search the FoodDock directory by entering their ZIP code to find products and/or local farms, markets and other food producers. By following the link provided, consumers then can order directly from the business and get in touch with their local producers. For more, click: How It Works

Upcoming features will enable users to add products to their carts and buy directly through FoodDock.

To create your FoodDock user account, click the "Create An Account" button on the FoodDock homepage and fill in the required information.

After signing up, click on your username on the right side of the page. There you can change your information, address, password and favorites.

FoodDock does not inspect or certify farms or other food producers. But members are required to list their certifications and provide information on their production practices. You can view these on each business profile.

Some of the most common certifications are; Animal Welfare/Humane Certified, Biodynamic/Demeter Certified, Certified Naturally Grown, Certified Organic, Conventional, Gap Certified, GMP Certified, Grass Fed/Pastured, Halaal,Integrated Pest Management,Naturally Grown, Transitional and Kosher.

While certain smaller farms may choose not to be certified through agencies, they do use sustainable and eco-friendly production practices. You can find all the information you need on their production practices on their business page. Feel free to contact them with any and all questions you might have.

If you want to contact one of our members, click their website link from the listing. If a telephone number is provided, you may phone them too. You can also get in touch with the farm or business directly through their website or social media. We recommend you contact the producers and businesses directly for any questions about products, or maybe even arrange a visit.


FoodDock offers a consumer-centric online platform bringing farmers and consumers together at a local level. Our goal is to;
- Foster strong community-based relationships based on agriculture and nutrition
- Encourage everyone to buy fresh, seasonal food from their trusted local farmers
- Support a more environmentally-responsible, sustainable food chain.

List or claim your business on Provide information on your products and how to contact your business on your profile page to increase and maintain engagement with your consumers. For more: List Your Business

Click List Your Business and create an account or sign in. Select your business type. You are eligible to join the FoodDock business directory if your business is:
- a farm
- a ranch
- a farmers’ market
- a fishery
- a dairy
- other businesses

After filling in your information, click the ‘create a new business’ button and you’re set! If you are eligible, FoodDock will approve your listing. After your request is approved, you will get access to your profile page and will be able change the settings and information on your business’s page for consumers looking to buy your products.

We reserve the right to exclude and deactivate members' listings at our discretion.

The “Other” category is especially for businesses that are NOT farms, ranches, farmers’ markets, dairies or fisheries. Please select “Other” for your listing if your business doesn’t fall under these given categories and is an organization dedicated to promoting family farms, a business whose products are primarily made from ingredients grown locally, a cooperative producing food on a local level or any kind of operation supporting community-based relationships based on agriculture and nutrition. If you have any questions or are not sure which category to list your business under, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Contact Us

At the moment FoodDock is a directory of food producers, farms, farmers’ markets and businesses located throughout the US. Consumers can search FoodDock to find locally-grown foods or products in their area. They then will be able to view your business’s page and order from your website. In the near future, consumers will be able to add products to their carts directly from your profile page on FoodDock.

To update your information, simply sign in and edit your business’s page. Don’t forget to add your contact information and photos.

If your business’ listing on FoodDock is unclaimed and/or outdated, click the "Is this your business?" button to take over the listing. You will be able to make changes to your profile after your request has been approved.

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